Monday, July 20, 2009

Recent Updates and happy Monday!

Good afternoon everyone!!!

I've been so busy taking care of Royce that I haven't had time to publish anything.
Well here goes!
Royce came thru the surgery OK. He started getting nauseated and stayed an extra day or two in the hospital. They let him come home of Friday the 10th and he continued to get sick. So on Tuesday the 14th I took him to the ER and they transported him back to Macon. He had a blockage in the bowel...Well, anyway, they took the stress off the stomach and all and he continually got better. We are home now, came home yesterday, Sun.the 19th. What a long haul!! He's keeping food down now and passing stuff so it's a continual uphill climb. He's doing better and is getting bored. But, he's resting and sleeping as he should be. We have meds for the nausea...That helps a lot.
I'm doing better, I'm off the anti bodics and that alone has helped the problems I was having. So, we're on the mend!!!
Thank you all for your prayers and concern. They are greatly appreciated.
Royce's son Robin came over today and cut the grass and ran the weed eater. He cleaned out the garden and all looks all neat and tidy again!! The flowers are blooming and all looks very nice.
I have a few projects I want to tackle while I'm watching over R and will start one of them tomorrow....I need to clean out the china cabinet and the cupboards. Hopefully I can get all this done.
I hope to be able to scrap in about two weekends. Sat. the first is the next one coming up. I'm sure hoping I can attend.
Well, that's the news for now..
Special thanks go to Candace for being with me thru all of this and Bennie for watching the home fires....watering my plants, getting the mail and picking the garden. I couldn't have done all this without them!!! Blessings to them both!!!
Again, thanks for all the prayers and good wishes!