Friday, December 7, 2012

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Goodness!

I had no idea that it's been this long since I posted.  I need to catch everyone up.
Well, in October, Candace and my friend Sally all went to Spartanburg, SC to another scrapbook weekend.  We were a total of 14 I think.  Our whole group went .  We had a great time and everyone got a lot done.  We came home on Sunday late afternoon.
Then as the fall months progressed, I made all my Christmas cards early, made a bunch of tags and embellishments to go in the scrapbook for Christmas pictures.  I did quite a bit there.  Then I've made several gifts, paper crafting types.  I will try to remember to take a picture and post them.  I didn't want to post the pictures of the cards as you all will be receiving them.
We had a great time passing out Halloween candy.  WE had to have had close to 200 little beggars and goblins.  We took several pictures of the little darlings...
Royce had made several new wood decorations for the yard for Halloween and Christmas.  He cut out a witch on a broom, two ghost that are animated and a huge Dracula that is animated.  A lot of people stood their kids in front of the displays and took pictures of them... I was very pleased and Royce was very proud that they wanted to do that... I thought it was great.
For Christmas he has cute out a 6 foot snowman that is waving.  And he also cut out about a 5 foot polar bear.  Then there's the dancing Santa and the elf and reindeer that are animated as well.  So he's been very busy.....
Then of course we have gotten bronchitis and the flu, both at the same time and we're losing this week from being sick.  I just need to get the cards finished addressing and mailed and some more shopping to do..Hopefully we will start getting back on our feet the first of next week.  The Dr. said we'd be weak but more functional.  Praise the Lord!!!  We are truly better just from the shots we were given today.  And neither of us can sleep.  So we're both on the computers..
I will make it a point to post some pictures in the next few days and show some of Royce's handiwork.
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Joyous holiday season...
Love you all.