Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy June almost July!!!

Wanted to share with you all some cards I made yesterday.  They were a lot of work.  But very fun to do.  The musical one is for my grandson's birthday next week.  Enjoy!
We're doing pretty good down here in S.E.  GA.  We're being silly old retirees.  Our garden is about done, although Royce re tilled it and planted the whole thing in yellow squash.  If it all blooms and does well we will enough to feed all of Oak Park, if not, then nothing lost. 
We haven't any plans for the 4th, what are yours?
Candace and I are going on a retreat above Atlanta next week.  We'll be gone the 5th -8th.  We're both excited and really looking forward to it. 
Again, hope your all doing well.  Take care and be blessed.