Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year's everyone!!! How was your holidays? We had a great Christmas and am enjoying the Christmas week between the two big holidays.
We have taken all the decorations down and stored them away including the outside as well. It's a little earlier than my usual but we are going and preparing to paint and re carpet and all that.
We're preparing to bring in the armoire. He has it totally finished and we are excited to finally put it in it's final resting place. I have tons of great stuff to put on the bookshelves and am very anxious to get it in here.
Other news, my son Manny and his wife and family are considering moving to this area. I'm very excited about this prospect. Please pray that job opportunities will open up for him and he can get down here. They are expecting their 4th baby on the 8th of January. Or sooner should he decide (it's a boy) to make his debut early. They won't share the name as they want it to be a surprise.
Well, I pray for your health and have a great and prosperous New Year's. I will post picture's of the finished rooms when they are done...Stay posted and thanks for checking in.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!

Well how is it going for everyone? Are you super busy, doing all the things that the holidays call for? Baking, cooking, going to parties, decorating, addressing Christmas Cards??? Most of my stuff is done....I've baked, made candy, went to functions and just kept super duper busy.
Just when I thought I was winding down, last Saturday, my husband asked me to take a drive and of course I said yes. He kept me "driving" and window shopping for over 2 hours...When we came home, I had a drive way full of cars and a garage full of people, about 16 of them....He had instrumented a surprise birthday party for me. I was so surprised I could hardly stand...I was in total shock!! Everyone was here! He and Candace (who did all the hard work) planned and invited and worked it all out..It was so awesome! I'm going to post some of the pictures. The highlight of the gifts were the "senior citizen" house slippers. Sandy (niece) had made them out of maxi pads...They were and are hysterical!!!
Enjoy the pictures and I wish everyone a joyous and Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Merry Christmas to all!!!

Hey I'm still alive!!! We survived the cruise. We had a great time and I apologize for not being on here, it's just that I've been soooo busy, preparing for the holidays, and decorating and making candy.
I made turtles and fudge today. It took me about four days to decorate. I was thrown off by the trip. Not complaining, as we had a great time!!
When we left the ship, we went on down to Naples, to visit my sister in law, Carol. We had a great time there. Naples is a beautiful city and I really enjoyed the time we spent there. We saw where several authors lives, where Barbara Streisand has a home and Phil Donahue's house where his wife lives. We finally made it home on Monday before Thanksgiving and we had to have one day of rest before throwing ourselves into the holidays.
We had Thanksgiving dinner with Sally and Sam, we had a great time and really enjoyed their company. I hope we can do it again soon.
I'm posting some pictures of the decorating I've done. Enjoy them and will be more faithful to getting on here and doing recent post.
I've posted pictures of the living room tree, the nativity scene and the village and the mantle, which I did in a wintery scene..Very pretty in person. Thanks for looking!!
Be blessed and again, Merry Christmas!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Yippee! It's Friday!!!

Well, here we are, all packed and ready to go on our cruise. We leave for Florida in the a.m. We will pick up Debbie and Bobby and be on our way. We figured it would be better to leave a day early, stay the night in a motel and then board the ship after 12:30. That way we can familiarize ourselves with the cruise ship and get acquainted with other couples. We plan on having a great time!!!
I wish you all a great weekend and a good week. We will be back on Thursday in the late afternoon..
Be blessed and please pray for our safety.
Thank you all!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hello from Georgia!!!

Hello everyone!!!!
Well, we took our maiden voyage (trip) on the trike with the trailer behind it. We went to Kingsland Ga. and then into St. Augustine, FL. We had a Great time..we had soooooo much fun!! I cannot tell you in a few words how nice it was to ride on the trike with the open road ahead of you. We didn't get tired, nor did our backs hurt or anything! First we went into Kingsland, Ga. where we went to St. Siemens Island and toured that a while, stayed the night, and had a nice meal. Royce had a great steak and I had broiled salmon...Then we left around ten the next morning and an hour later we were in St. Augustine. We toured the city on the trolley trains, went thru Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum. We had lunch in a nice little bistro then finished touring more of the city. Went back to the hotel, rested then went to Barnacle Bills for excellent seafood. We walked around awhile, then back to the room for a good nights rest. By eight thirty the next morning we were back on the trolley train, did more sight seeing then had a late breakfast at another bistro in another part of town. We went thru the wax museum and then headed home...Again, we really enjoyed our self and saw so much in this the oldest city of the U.S. We plan on going back again and do more site seeing and see more of the city. It would take a good four days to do that..another time...........
Enjoy the few pictures I'm posting. A lot is of the wax museum.
Be blessed!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy November!!!!!!!!

Well, I thought I'd better get those Halloween pictures posted. We had a great time, had plenty of food. Royce kept everyone in stitches!! He's such a comedian!! Let me explain the costumes..
Garland was sort of a soldier type guy, Ina dressed in an Aunt Jemima outfit with head wrap included. Gerald and Betty dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gates incognito.. Cleveland and Ellen were the cabbage patch kids with patches all over their clothes...Royce was a hood from the 50's and I was an old bag lady! Although no one got a full picture of me.. Oh well!! Danny and Bennie didn't dress up as they came late..
Enjoy the pictures and be blessed!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Saturday and GO BUCKS!!!

Wanted to share with you Royce's handiwork. He's been building an armoire for our living room. He's been working on it for over 2 months now. He works on it almost 7 days a week. When he gets his head wrapped around something, he can't let it go.
The armoire isn't finished yet, he has to varnish it several times before it comes inside. It's around 12 feet long and is in 3 pieces.
Let me know what you think. When we have it in the house I will repost some pictures of the finished product.
Thanks for looking. In another post I will add pictures of the brother / sister to do we had for the month of October. Everyone (almost) was in costume....Very fun and cute!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Fall everyone!!

Look what I've been doing!! Making more Christmas cards!! Duh! Have a ton of them made and more to go..
We had a Croptober Fest here in Oak Park in the shack..We had Candace, Helen and Sally over for a good time. We started after supper on Friday, went until we dropped, then started again on Saturday morning and went until around five. We all got a lot accomplished! Candace worked on several projects, Sally did over 28 pages in her scrapbook, and Helen made many, many cards. I made around 32 cards and finished the wedding part of the album..We really had a lot to do and got most of it done..Everyone was asking when we could do this again..A good time was had by all!~!!
Enjoy the pictures of the cards I made.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Hump Day!!!!

Well, just take a peek at my today's project.. Benie Faye and I put this together today. We sewed and glued and cut and had a great time.. She's going tomorrow to buy herself one and we're going to get her's done.
And God Bless!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Fall!

I've made a couple of styles of Christmas cards today and wanted to share...Let me know what you think.. I used the new stamp set from Close to My Heart I just received. I really like it a lot. There are tons of ideas floating around in my brain for this stamp set. Enjoy!! They're are sentiments on the inside and glitter stuff on the Ho Ho Ho one...Thanks for looking!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pictures of the retreat

Good Evening and Happy Fall!

Is everyone as happy as I am that it is finally getting a little cooler? It's been so pleasant here lately and I just love it...
We're all decorated for fall. I have the outside and inside totally done. Everything will decorated from now until the end of the year. We put a bale of straw and some corn stalks outside...They look really nice...I will post some pictures...
My Mom went home a little over a week ago and I miss her a lot. She's such good company and always willing to lend a hand. She helped us put up more peaches, we also did blueberries and 29 pints of pears. So, we have a ton put up and are grateful to be able to do it. But, she's home and I'm sure glad to be there. We took her to a lot of places to see and stock up good memories for her.
I went to the retreat last weekend and had a great time. Will post pictures of that as well. We had a great time, and Sally finished 22 pages and me 17 in my wedding album. A good time was had by all!!
Be blessed and enjoy this time of the year!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yippee It's Saturday

Hey there from Georgia!!! How is everyone's weekend going? Ours is restful and relaxing!!
I've been making Christmas cards and made my Mom's. That way I don't have to worry about shipping and handling. She can carry them home with her...I'm posting some pictures of the one's I made today. Enjoy!!!
Have a good Sunday and be blessed everyone!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Grape stomp at the vineyard

Well, Mom and I went on a grape stomp...Very short and sweet, but we had a good time. It was very different and the grapes between your toes feels really funny and gushy. But, at least it was an experience that we've never done before and it was fun!! Enjoy the pictures!

Happy Sturday!!!!

Getting some Christmas cards done and wanted to share them with you. I have two styles done. I wanted Jennifer to check these out so she can see which ones she wants to purchase.....
On the inside I have a nice sentiment. Check them out.
I will post pictures of our trip to Savannah here shortly. We're taking Mom on a grape stomp here in a bit...We will take plenty of pictures and post them as well.

Have a blessed day!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy September

Just saying hey and hoping all of you had a great holiday weekend!!!We had a good time, had a cook out on Monday..Invited Garland and Ina, Danny and Bennie, and there as Mom here and Royce and myself. We also invited Debbie and Bobby our new friends the couple that is going on our cruise with us.They are a ton of fun!!
Royce and I had baked a Boston butt, and divided it and made Brunswick stew and BBQ.. It was very good!! He sure has the knack for making his own BBQ sauce and the Brunswick stew was out of this world good. Everyone really complemeted him on it... Everyone brought a covered dish and there was way too much food, as usual!
I've uploaded pictures of Mom and Royce and one of her standing by her new car. She really likes it and is very happy about it. I took her for a drive and she drove it for a while in order to get used to it. She fits quite well and enjoyed it a lot.. We are so blessed to be able to do this for her. Remember, the Bible says Honor thy Father and thy Mother. We are doing our best to do that.
Be blessed everyone and enjoy the pictures. Have a great day!
Love and prayers,

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy middle of the week!!!

Dear friends and family,

Well, my Mom got in safely this afternoon. We went to walmart to pick up a few tolietries and then to Longhorn for an early supper. Tomorrow, we'll have a nice breakfast and then to Statesboro for a little shopping at Hobby Lobby and maybe a book store...

Talked to my nephew tonight for the first time in many years. He's in the navy and has received orders to go to Guam. He's been in the service for over 15 years. It's hard to believe it's been that long since I've seen him. My other nephew is on one of the big ships somewhere, but we never really know where. Or prayers are always with them.

I did well with the colonoscopy yesterday. I slept all the way home and all afternoon. They really knocked me out. They removed a few polyps and have sent them to be biopsied. Nothing unusual, that's just routine...Really don't want to go thru that again!!!! The prep is unbelievable!!

Well, have a good night and be blessed!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Look who came "knocking" on my door today!

Look who (what) came knocking on my door today...
The neighbor's chicken got out and was being chased by the other neighbor's dog..Well, it came to our door stoop for protection...Me, being me, chased off the big (not) bad doggie and the chicken took refuge around our plants. Then he (the chicken) got comfortable on the porch and proceeded to peck (knock) on the door...So, I gave him some cracker crumbs and he stayed safely until his owner came to fetch him..Had I been a bad person we would have had chicken and dumplings for dinner!!!!!! hee hee

Look what the nail tech did to my toes today!!! Aren't they cute??
Folks one thing for sure, you never know is going to knock or in my case peck at the door here in Oak Park!!!! And you never know what pictures I'm going to put on this blogspot!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Royce's Birthday celebration!!

I wanted to share Royce's birthday celebration pictures with you. We had such a good time. I asked everyone to bring a gag gift for him, something from heir home. Nothing bought. Man! Did they come up with some good ideas...Then after he opened them, I brought iout the main gift I bought f0r him...I bought him a Boise sound system for his computer. It sunds terrific!!! He was very surprised. WE really pulled one over on him...Enjoy the pictures.
Be blessed!