Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Sunday

Hello Everyone!!!!

Sorry, here again, it's been too long since I've updated this blog. Sooo much has been going on...Let me update you all and thank you for checking in.
First, we're in good shape health wise. I had a bout of vertigo this past week and was almost 3 days in bed. It hits so hard and so fast and when I get it I can hardly walk. I have to have assistance or hold on to the walls. But I have the meds the Dr. gave me and am doing fine. Can't bend over too well, but am coming along nicely.
Royce is doing fine, he's been on a mission all week. He's always on a project or doing something. He's fine, he's healthy, Gibe the Lord Praise!!
We have the garden tilled and the green beans planted. We will be planting the cucumbers, the cabbage and broccoli here shortly. The tomatoes will go in last. We started them from seedlings and they are about ready to be planted. The oxhearts I told you about take a lot longer to grow and are a slower growing tomato. They will be worth it though. I'm excited about getting them in the garden and getting them going.
Royce has built a new trailer top for the trike as the one we had wasn't holding up real well. He built this one out of steel and it's going to look quite "sporty" in his words. It will be finished soon and painted. We are looking forward to bike riding in the spring.
Now for the big news: I've decided and have started a little business. Hopefully to support my love of card making and scrapbooking. I have signed up to be a Close To My Heart Consultant. I will host gatherings or workshops to teach and introduce scrapooking and card making. Close To My Heart sells scrapbooking and card making supplies, mainly acrylics clear stamps, paper and etc. I hope to get a good following of customers who will want to order quality stuff for their habits. I'm offering my own promotions for them and have already done an April/May promotion for buying customers. Just pray for me that my little business will grow and flourish where God wants it to go. I won't and don't plan to be in this like I was before when I sold Undercover Wear many many years ago. I just want to hold classes and workshops. Please pray for this venture and I thank you for all your prayers and good wishes.
I have a pretty busy week planned this week. I have to go to town tomorrow and run a few errands and Tuesday I'm taking Bennie to her eye appt. in Savannah. Then Wed. is pay day, shopping and getting my hair done and etc. Hopefully Thursday I can get into the shack and get some work and re-organizing done. Royce bought me a new storage unit and I so want to get some organizing done and new stuff put away. I want to decorate tomorrow afternoon for Easter, I have all the stuff I need to do that with.
What are all your plans for Easter? Are any of you traveling?
I'm sorry to my Ohio friends that I won't be going to Ohio. We just can't make it this year, it's such a long way to drive. And the gas is getting very expensive. Hopefully another time we will be able to visit.
Please feel free to leave comments on the blogspot, I welcome ideas, prayers and your good wishes.
Be blessed everyone and happy Spring!!!!