Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Look who came "knocking" on my door today!

Look who (what) came knocking on my door today...
The neighbor's chicken got out and was being chased by the other neighbor's dog..Well, it came to our door stoop for protection...Me, being me, chased off the big (not) bad doggie and the chicken took refuge around our plants. Then he (the chicken) got comfortable on the porch and proceeded to peck (knock) on the door...So, I gave him some cracker crumbs and he stayed safely until his owner came to fetch him..Had I been a bad person we would have had chicken and dumplings for dinner!!!!!! hee hee

Look what the nail tech did to my toes today!!! Aren't they cute??
Folks one thing for sure, you never know is going to knock or in my case peck at the door here in Oak Park!!!! And you never know what pictures I'm going to put on this blogspot!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Royce's Birthday celebration!!

I wanted to share Royce's birthday celebration pictures with you. We had such a good time. I asked everyone to bring a gag gift for him, something from heir home. Nothing bought. Man! Did they come up with some good ideas...Then after he opened them, I brought iout the main gift I bought f0r him...I bought him a Boise sound system for his computer. It sunds terrific!!! He was very surprised. WE really pulled one over on him...Enjoy the pictures.
Be blessed!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hello friends and family!

Checking in with everyone and seeing how your all doing...Many, many blessings to you all.
Well, I've been single for two days and half of tomorrow. Royce went to the lake with his friend Larry. They had a lot of chores to do at the house and on the boat. I guess they've been quite busy. Royce was full of good spirits and happy sounding when I talked to him earlier. He always has good time with Larry, they are truy very good friends. I'm happy and proud for them both. You know it's a very special thing to have a good friend you can sharetime with..

I've been in the shack today. I made some really cute fall cards, my first 10 for this season. I will make some more tomorrow. I made my first Christmas card today. I'm trying to get my ideas together and get started on them. I will probably make around 200. I make some for two family members plus I have an order for 45 already. I need to get started. Some of one's I'm making for myself will be very complicated and time consuming. It's amazing, I used to be afraid to make the complicated ones. But not any more.

Enjoy the pictures of the fall cards I made today. They were truly easy and very fun to make.

Be blessed everyone!!

Love and prayers!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hello everyone!!!!

Well, finally I was able to work in my shack today..I was so happy!
I made a birthday banner for Royce and all the brothers and sisters that have birthdays in July and August. We're having a pot luck/party next Sat. the 22Nd. I'm very excited. I have a few surprises up my sleeve. hee hee I made these little gift bags for the ladies and will fill them with little candies. I think they will enjoy them. They're very fun to make.
Other than that I'm preparing my Mom's visit on the 24Th. She will be here about 3 weeks.. I've been cleaning and doing all the things one does when your expecting company. I cleaned and re papered my cupboards, cleaned the fridge and stove and even the closets. Yeah me!
Check out the '05 Grand Am, Royce and I bought it for my mom. Hers is not in too good of shape so we decided to get her something reliable to drive. We are very happy to be able to do this. I know she will enjoy it.
Also am really missing Candace as she is back to work :-( I am missing her something fierce.
Check out the fruits of my labor today.

Be blessed and enjoy the pictures.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

Hello there!

Well we're certainly in the dog days of summer. Consistently in the mid to upper 90's. You can barely stand to go outside to get the mail!!!

Congratulations! to my best friend forever, Patty Smith who is 70 today. She's having a family dinner tomorrow with her kids and their families...She's heavenly 70!!!

Royce is feeling much much better, the doctor's changed his medication and he's doing well!!!
Praise the Lord!!!

Went to Savannah to shop with my new friend Debbie and we had a really good time. WE laughed and giggled and I got in trouble at Belk's... But we didn't care. WE both got really good bargains on things for our cruise in November. We can hardly wait to go. We're both so excited!!! One thing for sure, we will look quite good!!!

My grandson played his first scrimmage game today in football. He is seven years old. Next week is his first game and we will go to see him play. I can't wait. He's such a special kid and I love him a bunch!!! Royce and I both will go. I will let you know how he plays and who wins the game. They have him playing center!!!

That's my news for now. I have another ENG on Monday to finish stretching out the opening going int the stomach. They will be able to stretch it another 25%..Then that will be it...I'll do well, no worries there!!!!

Kudos to Candace, she made it thru her first week back to work!!!!!!!!!!!

Be blessed everyone!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe it's August already!!!!
Where did the summer go. We went on vacation early in April and it seems like it's been forever already! We'reready to go again!

Royce is healing nicely from the surgery, but is feeling poorly. He spike a fever and I took him to the ER and they said he had a UTI..The anti-bodics they gave him is wearing him down. So, I'm going to call the urologist tomorrow and see if he should keep taking them...He feels so wore out and weak that's it's unbelievable. Man, these days you have to have a cure for the cure!

Bennie and I went to a card class that Helen has the first Sat. of every month and we had a really nice time. Learned a lot of new procedure's which I will incorporate into my cards. Also she gave us a few ideas for Christmas cards. Which I always make a ton of!! I'm ready to start on them already. Can't wait. The closer fall gets here the more I'm ready to decorate for Christmas and fall.

The vegetable gardening is wearing down. We've froze the green beans, cabbage and the okra is ongoing. We bought a 1/2 bushel of fresh peanuts, R boiled them today. We ended up with 15 quarts. They are just too good for words. He wants to get more. I froze watermelon today and tomorrow am going to buy more cherries and freeze them. We will have grapes very soon and will also freeze them. So, we'll be stocked for fruits and some veggies. I'm so excited about all this. It's a pure joy to be able to do this again, as I did many decades ago when living on a farm.

Again, on Tuesday we had a great day which was our last summer family scrap/craft day. A good time was had by all. I wanted to get one more in before Candace starts back to work on Monday. Boooo!!!! I hate to see her go back as we have a lot of fun doing stuff together. That's ok, we will start planning our holiday season soon and that alone will keep us excited.
We'll have another cookie exchange this year and all the other stuff we do..We've started our own traditions and I'm grateful for that.

Candace and all the family have welcomed me into their arms with love and I sure do appreciate it!!!

Oh, other good news! My mom is coming to visit in the next few weeks, I'm very excited about this. She will stay about 3 weeks. I love having her and will enjoy showing her all around our area of the world. Will keep you posted and post pictures of her when she gets here.

Love and blessings to all!