Friday, January 30, 2009

Yippee!!! It's Friday!

Well, it's been a blessed day!!! Had a slow start this a.m. but after a half pot of coffee, I got it together!
I was truly blessed this morning! My Creative Memory Rep. asked me to commit to a booth in the Vidalia Onion Arts and Crafts Festival. She is on the committee and I will have the booth at no cost. So, after discussing it with hubby and Candace, I am going to do it! Imagine! Me doing a show! So, Candace is going to make items and we will share the booth and do it all together. My brain is already filling up with ideas, and we're going to start making notes on what to make and etc. We will work on the display which is really important. As they say in the food world, "presentation is everything!" So we will really be thinking and planning ahead. We have all the month of Feb. and March to prepare for this. Royce and I are going on vacation in April. So, we'll be back in plenty of time for the show.
Just pray that the Lord blesses us with a ton of ideas and a lot of good buying and interested people. You never know what can come of this.
I keep getting the feeling that God has a big plan ahead and I just live every day in anticipation and expectation! I'm not sure what it is, and He will lead me as His plan is unfolded. All I have to do is listen and obey!
Candace and I are going to work tomorrow in the shop. I have a list of items to complete.
Have a great weekend everyone and be blessed!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

More new pictures!

As you can see we have added some new pictures. I wanted to introduce my new hubby so all of you could see what he looks like!
This was our wedding day on Oct. 25, '08..We had a great time and then went to Gatlinberg for our honeymoon. We had a great time!! The mountains were just in awesome splendor! God surely blessed me with the beautiful sights of fall. We were so pleased and again truly blessed!

As you can see there are more pictures of the Craft Shack. We just love it so much!! Royce blessed me with this hobby house just a few weeks ago. He wanted me to be able to pursue my love of scrapping and card making and have a beautiful place to work in. This was totally his idea and I wasn't sure it would ever happen until we were laying out floor plans for it. Then I knew it would soon become a reality. We spent hours laying it out so we could make the best use of the space. I think we did a pretty good job of it. We're planning an "Open House" soon for all the family members who craft to join us in an all day workshop. Candace is suggesting that we hold some classes there. We are going to pray about that and give it a lot of thought. God will lead us where He wants us to go!!

So, enjoy the pictures and be blessed !

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today's News

Well today was like most. I had to exercise some control. Ugh!!! I went onto Oh My Crafts .com and bought two more cartridges for my Cricut. And also some more vinyl. I cannot make up my mind what colors to buy!!! anywa, I was reasonably good for me!!
they have such good prices, if any of you have the above machine I encourage you to purchase them from there.

Please pray for my friends in Kentucky and Ohio. They are having terrible cold winter weather. Several inches of snow and ice and more snow. Earlier today they had a level 3 winter warning. Level 3 means your not allowed on the roads at all. And if you are you'd better have a good reason to be there. A lot of Ky is without electric and heat.

Also went to Walmart and bought another pack of replacement blades and a new mat to work on. Again, I was good!!! But did buy some extras for the craft shack. Yippee!

So have a good evening and many blessings to all of you!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome to my new blog. After seeing my new daughter's blog, I have gotten inspired to do my own. With her help of course!!

My blog is about all about my paper crafting..I scrapbook and make tons of cards and sell them on my site. check it out when you have time.

How I got started scrapbooking:

Well, I used to live in Columbus, Ohio. And my neighbor, Lena, had started selling Creative Memories. She started holding crops at her house and had invited me. Well, I finally started using all the stuff I had bought. After 6 months of hoarding it all, I decided I had better open the packages. all started there. I was truly bitten by the "bug" of scrapping! And I bought and bought and bought! As usual, I've got to have everything I see! Much to my husband's chargin! He just groaned when I went to Hobby Lobby or Michael's or JoAnn's. In Columbus, these three stores were within 10 minutes of me....NOT NOW!
Truly a new monster had been created.
We met every month on the first Sat. We grew out of Lena's home and moved to a church where we had tons of room. She held classes and taught us a lot! I learned many many techniques from her. She would have guest in who also taught us new things.
then we all went to the huge National Scrapbook Day. And man did we ever have fun. I did a total of 13 pages that day. There were SOOO many people there. And I thought I had a lot of stuff!!! Man I was put to shame!! Not for long!!!!
But, anyway, you get the idea.
I've learned and grown and even helped others get started in this addictive hobby!
Then I started stamping and making cards ....folks that's for another day!!
Keep checking me and out and I will try my best to post daily!