Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December

Again, it's been a while since I've been on here. I wanted to show you some pictures of the tree for this year. I did it in Bronze and Gold. I'm very excited. It looks really good. I hope you like it. I will update some more later.
Everything is fine here, it getting cooler and personally I'm glad...
Enjoy the tree.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New cards and paper crafting

Take a peek at the wreath I made. Using Art Philosphy cartridge from close to my heart I cut out about 50 flowers and pinned them to this wreath. I wrapped the wreath in fall ribbon and tied the bow. I used about 5 different colors of Clost To My Heart paper. Anyone interested in these supplies, please let me know... Enjoy the pictures.
The cards are made from the Damask Decor Cartridge. I really like this cart. It will become a new favorite.
Again, enjoy and thanks for looking.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Christmas Card Prototypes

Cards done, the only changes on the actual cards is the white on this one will be ivory a much softer color. Will look very nice. Nice sentiment inside.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Fall!

I'm so excited abut the cooler weather. How about you?

Well, I've been in a creative mode again and want to share some pictures with you on what I made today.

First is the Fall charger plate, did it with sparkly papers cut into leaves. Got the idea at Michael's yesterday while in Savannah. I hope you like it. It will be another fall decoration.

Second is my J O Y that Royce cut out of wood and painted it for me. Then I put paper on it and embellished it with ribbon and etc. I used Jingle paper packet from CTMH.

Third, I made 3 plaques that again, Royce cut out for me and painted. I cut out shapes on the Damask cartridge and glued then decoupaged them on the wood plaques. I will adhere them to wide ribbon and use it for a wall hanging. I used chocolate paper for the shapes from Close To My Heart.

Enjoy the fruits of labor, will keep you posted as I do other things this week.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Products used on fall decor

For a lot of you that may not know it, I sell Close To My Heart products. I've been a consultant coming up on two years now...
I wanted to explain some of the products I used on the fall decor items..I used all close to my heart paper. Some of the names are Autumn Terracotta, Topiary Green, Kraft paper, Only Orange, and many others.
Realize that the paper is one of the best out there. It is a white core base. It's probably the best for cutting with the ever popular Cricut. I use that and only that for cutting images. The new printed paper is now cardstock quality.
The clear stamps are some of the best I've ever used as well. They're easy to work with, easy to clean.
If your interested in a catalog or wish to order on line at my site, it is:
Or email me at
I'd be more than happy to help you with any orders or questions, or classes if your interested. I can help the beginner or the experienced scrapper or card maker..
Thanking you for looking and for your valued time!
Cathy Shumaker Dismuke

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I've been out in the shack today. I finished 4 sets of cards that I had already started. Two of which I'm going to post pictures of. The other two sets, Fall and Halloween I won't post because a lot of you will be receiving them. Enjoy the new Easel card and another technique I've learned.

Have a great, happy and safe weekend!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's Sept. 1st!!

Is fall finally on it's way! It's certainly cooler outside, yeah!

I wanted to post a picture of some angels Helen and Sally and I made for table favors for a church function. They were certainly easy to make and a lot of fun! We had a good time and hope you enjoy our little angels. The colors represent the rainbow!
Be blessed and have a great Labor Day Weekend!c

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy Saturday!

Wanted to share with everyone a few pages of a journal I made for a prayer request I had this past week. I made it for Sheryl Kirkland. As I understand, she journals a lot. With her diagnosis of acute luckemia, a friend of hers told me of her love of journaling.. I hope you enjoy the pictures. I'm showing four or five pages of the journal plus the front of it ...Be blessed and remember to continue to pray for her.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hello Everybody

Look at what I made today. I saw these in my new Paper Craft's magazine and made one Candace and myself.. Let me know what you think. They came out smaller than I thought they would, but they will be nice for Fall decor.. Hang it in a smaller room like the bathroom or bedroom.

I also worked on my "Smash" album today. Boy, Candace made it with a lot of pages and I will need a few more pictures and stuff to put in it. It's turning out really cute. When I get more done in it, I will take some pictures page by page and post some of them..

Enjoy everyone and be blessed!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I've been doing today!

Here are some pictures of a few cards I've made in the last few days..Enjoy!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy almost end of summer!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm sooo ready for fall. I've had enough of the too hot weather.. Bah humbug!!!

I promised to try to write more often and again I have failed. It's just been a weird summer. We're not busy but it seems like we really are all the time.. I'm not sure what we do with all our time... I know I've been bored a lot. It's been so hot that you can't go trike riding or do much of anything out doors. I'd like to drink my coffee on the deck, but even in the early morning it's too hot. Enough of this complaining.

I've had a few marathon weeks in the shack. I've tried to spend 3 days a week out there getting projects done. I've made a baby mini album for my nail tech. And I've made two birthday gift albums for my best friends, Betty and Patty. Then have made a couple for myself..Candace made me a "smash" album. That is an album that is all about me! The album is made, but I haven't added my stuff to it yet. I also made an album about my Walk To Emmaus retreat I went on. It's really nice. Please take a look at Candace's blog to see what I'm talking about of the smash album . I'm working on a Mom album right now.. I have the beginning works done and will finish that probably tomorrow. Then Candace will bind it for me. She has the bind it all. She's made several different types of stuff using the bind it all. She needs to sell this stuff. She does such beautiful work and is so very talented. I'm proud of her. And glad she is in my life. She's a very special gal!!

Royce hasn't been on any projects either due to the excessive heat. He is going to start one, I believe at the end of or middle of the month. The floor in the utility room is weakening and it needs replacing. So I believe he will be doing that. He figured out all the materials he needs and the cost and will work it into the budget for the next period.

Please join me in wishing him a Happy Birthday on the 22ND of August. He will be 66. He sure doesn't look it.. He says he feels it sometimes as we all do..Not sure what we're doing for his birthday.

That's about all the news for now. Take care everyone and may God richly bless you!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Summer!

Whew! It's been a while. So sorry about that! I will try to do better in the future.

What can I say? It's been a hot summer already here in S.E. Georgia. We started in the high 90's early June, last of May. My friend Patty that was here in the Spring wants to come back, but wants to wait until Sept. or Oct. when it starts cooling down a little. She can't take the heat, for that matter neither can I!!
The gardening is about over. They are some peas still coming on in the big garden but nothing to speak of. Our little garden behind the house is gone. We got 2 or 3 good pickings of green beans and several yellow squash. The tomatoes just died due to the too hot weather too soon...So, we went and picked tomatoes from the tomatoe farm and we put up 35 quarts in the last two days. We are glad that it is all done.. I should be able to get some fresh corn and freeze that. Not sure yet. Early on, I had lots of lettuce, 3 different kinds and I shared all that. put several bags of cabbage up in the freezer as well. So, basically the gardening is done... We did pick blueberries and froze them as well.
We're having a big Fourth of July cook out on Monday. Several family members will be here and some friends.. We're looking forward to that. Will let you know how that turns out and hopefully post some pictures.
We've not planned any trips this year due to the inflated cost of gas. We 're joining some people from our church for a long bike ride the first weekend in August. That will be fun!! Really looking forward to that. We've been invited to go on a cruise in March, but it's the exact same cruise we took two years ago, same location, same ship and all. So, I think we will decline that one. We may just take another trip to PA and on into Oh in the Spring.. Not sure, still in the planning stages.
Hope you all have a wonderful summer!! Enjoy it to the fullest!
Be blessed everyone!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Spring and almost Summer!!

Hello family and friends!!

Whew! It's been busy the last month. As I stated in my last blog my friend Patty from Centerburg, OH was coming to visit. Well, she's been here and left. Regretfully she had to return to her home in Oh. I really miss her!! WE had a great time. I so enjoyed having the company.
We took her to Savannah, and to Macon to see the sights. Savannah is always nice and there is so much history there to see. We basically shopped in Macon. It was just the way it all worked out.
We had a Spring Fling, an all day crop in the craft shack one Saturday. Everyone got a lot done and we had a great time. There was five of us in all. And the shack wasn't even crowded.
Patty and I had a lot of shack time in as she wanted me to teach her how to make cards. I showed her as much as I could with the time allowed. I feel like she learned a lot. Again, I just so enjoyed having someone to talk to have coffee with. Royce really misses her as well. She's a good house guest and really jumped in and helped out a lot here. We were both sad when she went home. But, they do say all good things have to come to an end..sad but true!
Tomorrow I start my volunteering. I will be at the nursing home for two days this week and then next week I will do some time with a Hospice group and the nursing home. I'm excited about starting this and I pray that I will be a blessing to the people I talk to and share time with. Again, I'm happy to be starting this new adventure. I will keep you all posted.
We don't have a lot of big plans for this summer, with the price of gas and all, I doubt that we will take any long trips. I'm thinking we may take a trike/bike ride to St. Augustine again. I'd like that a lot. There's so much to see there. We'll see how the price of gas goes and if we will be able to afford it.
Candace and I discussed a trip to Atlanta in July for a scrapbook expo. Again, it all depends on the price of gas. Isn't it ashame we have to wait to see if we can afford the price of gas for some entertainment? That just aggravates me, another subject for another time!!
We will be going to Atlanta for Chelsea's graduation Memorial Weekend! I can't believe that my first grand child is 18 and going to be graduating high school. Where in the world did the time go? Congrats go to Chelsea for a job well done!! Love you my special girl!!
Well, have a great and exciting summer all of you, I wish you the best.
Be blessed and sending loads of love!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hello there! It's Spring in the South!!

Dear Friends and Family! Thought I'd better get an update in here, it's been a month since I last posted. I've been pretty busy, as most of you know I went on a Spiritual Retreat called the Walk to Emmaus. It was absolutely awesome! I can't say enough words to explain my experience with this. It is described as a very deep and intense Bible Study. You really gain the next step or advance to the next step in your Christianity. I feel like I came away delivered from some issues in my life. The Lord worked on me in a mighty way! He helped me realize some major issues I have and what to do about them and some little things. I think and believe that Royce has noticed a big difference in my attitude and way of thinking. I highly recommend it to everyone, but yet I know it's not for everyone...You have to be in God's timing with this and if He wants you to attend He will lay it on your heart and I'm sure someone can help you with it. I can't say enough about it. The way I sum it up is this: I've never felt more love than I did while on this Walk in my entire life, I've touched the hem of His garment, I've see the Face of God. That's exactly how I feel about it. Some of you have heard me say this. Now it's up to me to spread this love and share His love for you as time goes on. God loves each and every one of you, He has a great plan for your life and He has been by your side forever. Even as a baby. He's been with you as you've gone through your trials and tribulations. He's carried you through the bad times and the good times. I'm still a little over whelmed, just bare with me. Some other news, my dearest friend Patty is coming to visit around the 15th of April and staying almost three weeks. We are making plans for her visit and can't wait 'til she gets here...We're hoping we can show her a lot throughout her stay here and she can visit places she's never been. I'm going away again this weekend. I'm leaving for Navarre Fl. tomorrow around one. Sally and I are going to a Leadershare for Close To My Heart. It's a privilege to get to go. We will be back late Sunday night. That's all my news for now...I will try to update ore often. I made some cards this week, will try to post them next week. I'm also working on my Hawaii pictures and will try to post some of the pages here soon. Be blessed everyone!!! Cathy

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pictures of Grandfather Clock

Thought you'd all enjoy R's handiwork. He is so talented. Who knows what he will tackle next. One thing for sure, he's not afraid of anything. He will try anything that he sees that he likes. The clock is absolutely beautiful and the chimes are very soothing. Enjoy!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Enjoy the pictures of the new tile and fridge....We finally figured out what we were doing wrong!!!

Happy Winter

Hello there. I've been told it's been a long time since I updated my blog.. Yes it has!!!! Thanks for the reminder, Patty!!!
I'm having technical difficulties loading the pictures. Something is blocking me from loading...R and are working on it.. so I will bring you up to date and load pictures of the new tile floor and refrigerator as soon as we get over this mountain!!!
What can I say, it's winter time and the cold weather has kept us in. It's either really cold or rainy and cold.
I've been working in my shack as much as possible. I've made card swap cards and the Valentine cards as well. Made some for Jennifer as well.
I wasn't in the shack at all last week due to getting very sick with my weird system, throwing up for 4 days and getting very dehydrated. I went to the Dr. on Thursday and they ran four containers of fluids through me as I was very dehydrated. He said he would give me the blue ribbon for the day. They gave me meds through the iv to stop the vomiting. Finally I calmed down. It's taken me until yesterday and today to feel like my old self. I'm better now and feel just dandy. Just pray this is the last time at all or at least for a long time to come.
Royce has been doing his own projects, he finally started his grandfather clock. It's almost done building wise anyway. It is beautiful!!! He has to put some places where the clock goes and then varnish and sand. Then put the works in it... Again, it is very stunning and beautiful. He does beautiful work and his talents really show through as he goes. HE built a really nice cupboard for his sister Ellen and she just loves it. She is so happy , she said she wouldn't take a million dollars for it. He's always doing something!!!
Tomorrow we go to Savannah to pick up our new glasses. We both new ones. I'm anxious to get them as mine are really scratched up.
We haven't made any travel plans for this year as yet, we have my Patty coming to visit in the Spring and we're really looking forward to that. There's is much we can do to entertain her and she likes to scrapbook and wants to learn to make greeting cards, so that will keep us very busy... We'll take her to Savannah to see the sights there and do other things as time progresses.
That's about all the news for now.. Again will post pictures as soon as we can get the problem fixed.
Be blessed everyone and take care!!!!!
Love to all!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well, the New Year is here, the holidays have finally winded down. The decorations are down and put away. Just have to put the holiday dishes and cups away. What a big chore. Royce helped me a lot and all the outside is down as well. Finally! It takes a lot longer to put them up than it takes to bring them down.
We had a great holiday time. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the holidays. We had a cookie exchange, a brother/sister to do, and a fancy fru fru luncheon. The kids were over on the 24Th to open gifts and we had a lunch meat platter and finger foods. A good time was had by all. We really fooled little Gage, he didn't think he was getting anything. We had bought him a wagon and had it hidden in the shack. He kept watching as everyone had their gifts and then Royce said to him, looks like you didn't get anything, I think you'd better follow me. And when he saw that wagon, he was grinning from ear to ear. Bless his heart he had his cousins in there as quickly as he could get them in there and pulling them around! It was just awesome and we were really glad that we did that. He's such a sweet little boy and he just loves on his Papa all the time. Royce takes him on the trike and the golf cart and tries to spend as much time with him as he can. We love these grand babies to pieces!!!
Royce and I spent a quiet Christmas day together then on the 26Th we headed south to my Mom's. She was very glad to see us and we went and saw all the sights. We drove along the beach and saw the beautiful beach houses and that place is loaded with restaurants. We went to two really nice places, one called Ribs and Reds and the other called Lambert's. When you eat at Lambert's you get tons of food, and they come around with extras and put the food on the napkins or your plate whichever the food calls for. Fried okra goes on your napkin, cabbage, fried potatoes and onions goes on your plate. The best food you'll ever want to eat, but more than enough for 3 people. They feed you wayyyyy to much. When you catch the waiter's eye, he will also throw you hand tossed rolls. They were like heaven. Huge yeast rolls.
Reds and Ribs, is ribs of course, but the reds stood for huge red colored shrimp. I had the shrimp and I've never honestly never eaten anything so good in my life. They were like small lobsters. I was truly in heaven! We drove back on Thursday, vegetated all weekend and then Monday was back to work as usual.
We cleaned as we took stuff down and everything looks great, just empty and bare. Per the usual when the decor comes down.
Well, feel free to leave me a comment on your goals/resolutions for the coming new year. I'm joining Weight Watcher's my friend Sally and I are going to start in the middle of the month. Then, I want to work more in the shack and other than that I'm not sure what else. I'd like to be more charitable....and more giving.. That will come as the opportunity arises.
Well, be blessed everyone, hope you enjoyed the update.
I wish all my followers a healthy and happy new year!
Love to all,