Sunday, September 22, 2013

Want to let everyone know we're still alive down here.  I've been pretty busy.  It's just been a really busy summer.  Not sure what all we did, but busy.

We had a surprise BD for Ina in July.  That was a lot of fun and one of the best kept secrets around.  Now that football season is here, I'm watching games every Saturday.  The Buckeyes are doing really good.  I've also started watching the Georgia Bulldogs, and they're doing pretty good as well.

My granddaughter, Chelsea was accepted into University of Georgia.   She will start next Spring .  I'm very proud of her as it takes quite a bit to get into there.  She is officially a Georgia Bulldog. 

I will load some pictures from my camera onto the computer and post some of what I've been doing. 
I'll post another one today. 

Sorry for the delay!!!