Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year's everyone!!! How was your holidays? We had a great Christmas and am enjoying the Christmas week between the two big holidays.
We have taken all the decorations down and stored them away including the outside as well. It's a little earlier than my usual but we are going and preparing to paint and re carpet and all that.
We're preparing to bring in the armoire. He has it totally finished and we are excited to finally put it in it's final resting place. I have tons of great stuff to put on the bookshelves and am very anxious to get it in here.
Other news, my son Manny and his wife and family are considering moving to this area. I'm very excited about this prospect. Please pray that job opportunities will open up for him and he can get down here. They are expecting their 4th baby on the 8th of January. Or sooner should he decide (it's a boy) to make his debut early. They won't share the name as they want it to be a surprise.
Well, I pray for your health and have a great and prosperous New Year's. I will post picture's of the finished rooms when they are done...Stay posted and thanks for checking in.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!

Well how is it going for everyone? Are you super busy, doing all the things that the holidays call for? Baking, cooking, going to parties, decorating, addressing Christmas Cards??? Most of my stuff is done....I've baked, made candy, went to functions and just kept super duper busy.
Just when I thought I was winding down, last Saturday, my husband asked me to take a drive and of course I said yes. He kept me "driving" and window shopping for over 2 hours...When we came home, I had a drive way full of cars and a garage full of people, about 16 of them....He had instrumented a surprise birthday party for me. I was so surprised I could hardly stand...I was in total shock!! Everyone was here! He and Candace (who did all the hard work) planned and invited and worked it all out..It was so awesome! I'm going to post some of the pictures. The highlight of the gifts were the "senior citizen" house slippers. Sandy (niece) had made them out of maxi pads...They were and are hysterical!!!
Enjoy the pictures and I wish everyone a joyous and Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Merry Christmas to all!!!

Hey I'm still alive!!! We survived the cruise. We had a great time and I apologize for not being on here, it's just that I've been soooo busy, preparing for the holidays, and decorating and making candy.
I made turtles and fudge today. It took me about four days to decorate. I was thrown off by the trip. Not complaining, as we had a great time!!
When we left the ship, we went on down to Naples, to visit my sister in law, Carol. We had a great time there. Naples is a beautiful city and I really enjoyed the time we spent there. We saw where several authors lives, where Barbara Streisand has a home and Phil Donahue's house where his wife lives. We finally made it home on Monday before Thanksgiving and we had to have one day of rest before throwing ourselves into the holidays.
We had Thanksgiving dinner with Sally and Sam, we had a great time and really enjoyed their company. I hope we can do it again soon.
I'm posting some pictures of the decorating I've done. Enjoy them and will be more faithful to getting on here and doing recent post.
I've posted pictures of the living room tree, the nativity scene and the village and the mantle, which I did in a wintery scene..Very pretty in person. Thanks for looking!!
Be blessed and again, Merry Christmas!!