Saturday, February 21, 2009

Very simple friends card. Added some bling for the eye. Fun to make!
Tapestery look! Made with new stamps I bought at the show.

Very pretty colors!! Birds are In!

Done in yellow and white,very pretty.

Friends card I made today!! Love it!
As you all can see, I've been busy! I made 24 cards today plus another 12. Candace and I cranked it out today!! Niece Sandy came over and helped as well. We had a great day and a successful one. Candace stayed for dinner and then went home. :-( I sure enjoy having her around!
Have a great weekend everyone!
Blessings and Love!

Happy Saturday!!

Good Morning!

It's early here, I can't sleep in this morning! My mind is running with ideas, as usual! I worked in the Craft Shack all day on Wednesday and Thursday. I did get a lot accomplished. I made the cuttest card ( I always think they're the cutest I've made). I'll get picture's posted hopefully later on today. Candace and I are working all day today. So much to do, so little time!
I'm going to almost lose another week as I'm gong to Atlanta to watch the grand babies while my daughter Sandra goes to a training session for the week. I love being able to spend time with them. One is almost 16, Chelsea, and Adam is 6. We'll have some great one on one time. I'll be taking stuff to work on.
Royce is feeling much better, as he has been sick. He had a UTI. A severe one, I took him to Savannah on Monday. They loaded him down with some mean antibodics and he's healing nicely! Thank the Lord!
Again, I'll post pictures at the end of the day.
Enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, it's been two days and I haven't been in my craft shack. I had to take a much needed break!
Royce and I went to Savannah yesterday and spent the day. And then today was the usual domestic chores of cleaning and etc.
We had a "Brother and Sister" Valentine party tonight. About every other month all the brothers and sisters and their spouses get together for a "to do". We have fun and there's generally a theme of some sort. I told everyone to read red, pink, or purple. All but one did!! We had a great time. Played a couple of games, one like the old newlywed game. It was a hoot!!! None of us got all the questions right! I had two right on Royce, and Royce's brother in law got 3 out of 4 right. It was fun!! They really enjoyed it~~
So, we're past our bed time and I'm working all day tomorrow in the shack.
So, Happy Valentine's Day everyone and enjoy your spouse or special someone!!!
Ta ta for now!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New items I've made today

Take a peek!! I've made new items from the ideas that I saw at the show Candace and I attended. Let me know what you think. My favorites are the cup cards and the busy heart note cards. I know I'm not supposed to brag, but folks I'm very proud of this new work. Ijsut love them all!
Thanks for looking and have a great night.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Late Tuesday Night!

Well, gang, I'm just pooped!! I worked all day and I do mean all day. I went to the shack at 10:30 a.m. and worked until 5:00...Came in made dinner, then back out at 6:00p.m. Worked until 8:30....and I'm feeling it!!!
I got a ton accomplished... I made 14 beautiful cards, somewhat same style ,half for thinking of you and the other half Birthday Wishes....
I made two, different size cards using a new stamp I bought at the show we attended. Man it is just gorgeous!!! I'm very proud of it.. I went to take pictures of all that I did today and post them but the batteries were low on the camera and I didn't feel like coming in to get new ones... No biggie, I'll just post them tomorrow..
Also made about 16 or so cutsie note cards.. Double layered in scalloped heart designs. I think I did about 4 different styles.. They are also darling!! Again, ideas that I saw at the show...
I have a long list to accomplish tomorrow....Have to devote a min. of 3 days per week in order to be ready for the craft show...and probably Saturdays....I sure pray it will be worth it!!
Candace is going to work Friday night...and we're all going to work on Monday.. Candace has Monday off, so we're going to have a craft day!!!
Have a good night and a blessed week!!
Ta Ta for now!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Back from Atlanta

Well, we had an absolute great time in Atlanta. The stamping show was everything we expected and more! We learned a lot, saw a lot, and yes, we bought a lot.
They're were a lot of vendors neither of us had heard about...but they were all very informative. We saw tons and tons of cards. We were allowed to take pictures and I took quite a few. I learned some new procedures and am planning on implementing them into my cards I make. I tried one out today and I really like the effects. So, as time goes on I will try to post them on my site and on here on the blogsplot.

That's about it for now. Again, we had a great time and just chattered our little heads off.
Have a great week and God Bless!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Yippee! It's Friday!

Well, the day has finally arrived!! Candace and I are off to the great big city of Atlanta..We're both so excited!!
We worked in our craft shack last night until 8:00p. I was really tired as I was in there all day..Candace worked all day. We were ready to call it a night! We both got a ton of items made for our craft show.
You may of noticed that we put more pictures on the blogspot. The lady did the muriel on the wall...What do you think? This gal is really talented..What a blessing it was to have her do this. Sherry (daughter in law) took care of the bill, believe me we were blessed by her generosity!!! I've since put up my butterflies display behind me. And also added some beautiful crosses with scripture on them. Now the rest is up to us. We will be adding our own scripture and some birds and butterflies to the wall...We will post the pictures when we get it done!!
So, have a great weekend and be blessed my friends and family!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Brrrrrrrrrrr! It's cold!

Thought I'd better update everyone....
I worked in my shop yesterday. I made 32 cards. I'm getting ready for the craft show in April. I need to make a ton of cards. Today I want to make some gift bags. That way, I can break up what I'm doing. I'm gong to try to work 3 days a week to prepare for this craft show. It's been suggested that I make a ton of cards. And about 30 each of the other items I'll be making. Candace is just as busy as I am...I'm going to try to start posting what I make...

We'll be going to Atlanta this weekend. We leave on Friday. The show is Sat. and Sun. We'll go both days. We're both so excited we can hardly stand it!! I'm expecting to learn and see a lot of ideas.

It's also exciting that Royce is behind me on this. He's cutting out wood items that I will embellish to sell. He's also going to make the ribbon holders for me to sell. They are very unique and should sell. They're are a lot of crafter's in the area. I'm hoping to get a lot of exposure from this. This way people will know I'm here and hopefully that will generate some business. Who knows what God has in store for Candace and I..I truly believe His hand is in this and it's all part of a big plan.

Until tomorrow, signing off for now! Blessings for all!