Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cards made today

I have an order for 20 cards for our cousin, Jennifer and I wanted to show you all half of the one's I finished today. She wanted some sympathy cards and finished those today...I did my own version of the cards we made in card class at the beginning of the month....Enjoy! Feedback is welcomed.

Be blessed,


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Well, hello there!!!
It's been a busy week here. We picked the last of the green beans and I put them up, also did a batch plus a few more of bread and butter pickles...We did the tomatoes on Wednesday. We put up 28 quarts of tomatoes. So, like I said it was a very busy week. Thursday was going into town day and get groceries and run errands.
Friday I went to Savannah for a ladies day out. There was five of us total. We had a ball! It was amazing that five women could agree on where to go and where to eat, but we did...we ate at Macaroni Grill and the food was beyond belief good!! We all had something different.. we went to two other stores then and then had Starbucks Coffee on the way home. Again it was a fun filled day. We had a lot of goodies and all made out like little bandits. It was 102 most of the day but we really didn't notice the heat as much as we were all talking and carrying on about our found bargains...
We hit a rain storm on the way home and temperature dropped down to 74 in a matter of minutes. It really cooled things off. We were tired but happy.
In Church this morning they asked for prayers for a young man named Josh Sykes. He had a motorcycle accident. Last week he wasn't expected to live or even if he did would probably never walk again. Well, prayers were lifted up and he has under gone surgery and plans on walking again!!! His chances of walking again are much better. We just need to keep him up in prayers and continue for God's good works on his healing. Please keep him in your prayers.
I'm cooking supper, so many blessings and prayers for all of you who read my blog.. Take care and be blessed.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hello from hot Georgia

Hello everyone!
Guess I'd better get back on here and tell you what's been going on down here.
For one thing, it's been terribly hot. The heat index the first of this week was 108 for about 3 days. You couldn't stand to be outside as the heat just surrounded you... We've had rain about every late afternoon.
The garden is doing well. We've picked and put up green beans twice now.. the tomatoes are coming on a little at a time... Royce went and picked 3 five gallon bucket fulls at the tomato farm. They're not quite ready to can yet, but should be ready about Tuesday. I'm putting them up whether they are ready or not.. I need to get them done as there is other veggies that need our attention. Bennie and I put up corn on Thursday. I did a total of 20 pints for me and she in two days put up a total of 50 pints. I don't need to put up that many as Royce doesn't eat corn. We creamed it and put it in freezer bags. I also did about 5 half pints of sweet banana peppers. They sure are pretty.
We had the Dismuke family reunion last weekend. From Thursday on we had tons of company every day. His cousin Jennifer and her hubby stayed the night on Saturday night. We had a great time with them. Jennifer is a nut anyway and just a hoot to be around. We had a great time, they was a ton of food.
On Friday, Candace, Sally, Jayne and I are going to Savannah to spend a day at the craft stores. We're hoping Helen will go as well. We just want to have a good day in Savannah and have a nice lunch and just enjoy each other's company.
The Fourth of July is right around the corner. Adam will be 8 years old. It's totally amazing. I can't believe he's going to be eight years old.. He's maturing a lot and really growing up. Chelsea now has her own car and is driving. That's hard to believe!!!
Well, that's all the news for now. Sorry I haven't been on here lately. It's been pretty busy and I didn't have my own computer. It was down and wouldn't connect to the Internet. I just got it back this week..
Be blessed everyone and may God be with you.
Love and prayers,

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Checking in With everyone!!!

How is everyone doing? How was your holiday weekend?
We had a great time in Atlanta. We went to visit Sandy and her family. She had her hubbies children and hers and it was a lot of fun.. Not quite as noisy as usual as the teenagers now congregate to themselves.
Imagine my shock when we pulled in and a very nice Honda Civic was sitting in the driveway!!! It belongs to Chelsea. I can't believe she is driving and has her own car now.. I am so proud of her. She's become so very responsible. She's just a doll baby!!! Her and her mom will be looking a colleges this summer. I'm anxious to see what one she will choose.
It's very hot down here. Today was miserable. I don't know how Royce stands it outside as he stays out most of the day. I stayed in and did my cleaning. I wanted to get it all done as I want to play tomorrow in the shack. Candace and I are going to play. And Saturday we are going to a card class, the one I go to every month.
I brought back a flat of strawberries from Atlanta. Made 12 half pints of jam. I had some tonight, it's very good. The tomatoes in the garden are coming on strong and fast. It won't be long before I will be in the kitchen putting up tomatoes. We're going to do them in quarts as we always ended up using two pints at a time... No sense in wasting a lid. Royce is going to pick green beans in the morning, so I will probably be blanching them tomorrow. That doesn't take long at all.
I can't think of any other news at the moment. I know some of you check this blog spot on a regular basis..I'm trying to keep it updated.
Be blessed everyone! Happy summer!
Love and prayers for all of you!