Saturday, June 27, 2009

Across the lake from our place. Ben and Candace

Bennie on the boat, Royce with a little catch.

I've taken some pictures of flowers around the house and I've posted some here of the stay at the lake...Royce was being sily as he held up a little catch. He actually caught much larger fish than this little guy. We've got them all filet-ed and are having a fish fry this early evening.
Be blessed!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Weekend!

We got back from the lake early, boo!!! The AC unit went out at the house and it's way too hot to be in the house without it and extremely hot outside..You can't stay on the boat all day and night!
Candace and Bennie Faye went with us and we had a ball. We got there Wed. afternoon and immediately after unpacking we were fishing off the dock. Bennie caught the fish on Wed. night and Candace took pictures. Royce also caught fish that night and then finally on Thursday eve. I caught 4 myself. 3 Catfish and a large crappie. I really thought I was going to be skunked, but my luck held out and we caught a lot of fish. I just have to learn to fish with light tackle as I'm used to fishing medium to heavy. I fished tournaments for a long time and fished totally different. But, I"m learning!!!
We had a great time and I really hated coming home early. But with this Georgia heat, you would be very uncomfortable.
I hope everyone had a great week and will post some pictures we took with our new camera.
Yes, we bit the dust and bought a nice one. It takes good pictures and we want to learn all the features before we go on our cruise...
Be blessed, everyone!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday evening

Wanted to report in and bring you up to date.

We're going to the lake tomorrow afternoon for 3 days maybe four.. Going to do some fishing. I hope we catch lots of them.

Candace and I worked in the shack today and had a very relaxing time. We so enjoy being to work on whatever and just leave it if we need to. We keep the air on to keep everything cool. If you don't between the heat and the humidity everything would be ruined. She finished her vacation albunm and I finished up some pictures and organized a lot of stuff.

I've also started quilling. It's fun, but a little tedious. I have to exercise what little patience I have. hee hee...but so far, I've made a few flowers and leaves. I will use these on cards.

Please continue to pray for Royce's upcoming surgery on the 7th of July. I'm only concerned about his blood pressure dropping during surgery. Other than that it's all normal stuff. It shouldn't take more than a couple of hours..

Be blessed and will get pictures at the lake and all of the fish!!!!!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good Morning and happy Wednesday!

Well, I haven't checked in with everyone lately, thought I'd better update you!
I came through the ENG that I had on Monday ok. They were able to dilate the opening into the stomach. The doctor said it was very small and he may want to do it one more time. That's ok with me. I've been through it before and it's much more comfortable with it done. Anything beats what I've been living with the last nine months. I was pretty woozy yesterday and of course Monday, but back to my usual self today.
Going to work in the craft shack today. I have several projects I want to tackle, making gifts and etc for friends. I enjoy it! And of course I have a ton of pictures to scrap.
Royce is on another project today. He's making a built double desk/armour for the living room. We've planned it every since I came down here. That way we can eliminate the two desk we currently have. On one side of it will be floor to ceiling book shelves as I have a ton of books and some nick nacks and pictures I can't display. There's no place to put them.
Did I tell all of you that Royce and I are going on a cruise in November? I'm already putting outfits together and having fun doing it...We're both very excited!!!
That's my story for today, everyone have a great day and be blessed!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy June!!!

Do you believe it's the second week of June already? Where does the time go?
I'm so excited!! I've made some new items for my etsy site. I've made the clipboards and notepads before but never added them to my site. So, prayers go up, I need sales!!

Our new friends Debbie and Bobby and us are getting along fine. She came over today to work in the "shack". Candace and the girls were here and we had a very productive and fun day! She was so impressed with the shack! She couldn't believe Royce had built that for me. I'm so fortunate and very blessed!!

You know, at the end of every day, I think of what I've accomplished and what I've done and I think of God's blessings and how He blesses us each day. You know blessings are not necessarily material things. We can look at them as what we've done, who we've seen and many many other things....I've never realized this before. But, lately, I've done a lot reflecting on such matters. So, dear friends and family, think on these things!!
Take a peak at my new items I've made.
Be blessed!!!
Prayers and love to all!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Yippee!!! It's Friday!!!

Yippee! It's Friday!

Well, how was everyone's work week? We went to Macon on Wed. and Royce has to have a hernia repaired. They've scheduled it for July 7th. Need prayers for a quick recovery everyone and a successful surgery.

I worked one day in the shop and added some postit note holders to my etsy site. I'm excited. I hope they sell.

We had a great dinner last night with new found friends, Bobby and Debbie. She makes jewelery and we met at the festival. They were our "neighbors"..We're going on a cruise with them in Nov. They're first as well as our first...
We're looking for a new camera a more updated one and will zoom in more closely. we like the Cannon sure shots so far. We'll research more thoroughly as we go. But we need to get it, in order to learn how to use it perfectly. I wouldn't mind finding a good used one as well. If you hear of any , let us know.
Our trip to Savannah was rained out so we're just doing little stuff today. Tomorrow I'm going to a card class. I look forward to these now. Helen holds them the first Sat. every month.
Ya'll take care and be blessed!
Have a great weekend!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Monday!!!

Hey! How is everyone?

We're doing fine here. It has finally gotten very hot, like 94 degree hot!! The rain quit and in comes the heat!
Went to Atlanta this weekend, R stayed here to attend the funeral.
Updates: The wife is in pretty bad shape, they wouldn't release her from the hospital. Keep the prayers going for her and her family. I can't imagine how they must be feeling!!
Kudos to Candace. Her and the girls are in Destin Florida soaking up some rays on the beach!!! Lucky her!!! She said it's beautiful there.

Anyway, back to Atlanta.... went to celebrate my daughter's marriage to her beau, Chris. His parents were there as well as his grandmother.. Nice people!! Love'em!!! WE had a great time and the food was delicious! Sandra had it catered and they really did a great job. Good food!!! The barbeque was to die for as was the peach cobbler! Needless to say, I brought a bunch home!

That's about it for now..I've ordered the Big Shot, another die cut machine, so that means I'm updating. It will replace the cuddle bug..Between the cricut and the big shot I shouldn't need anything big for a long while!! Hopefully!!!

Have a good night and great week.
Blessings to all!