Friday, November 13, 2009

Yippee! It's Friday!!!

Well, here we are, all packed and ready to go on our cruise. We leave for Florida in the a.m. We will pick up Debbie and Bobby and be on our way. We figured it would be better to leave a day early, stay the night in a motel and then board the ship after 12:30. That way we can familiarize ourselves with the cruise ship and get acquainted with other couples. We plan on having a great time!!!
I wish you all a great weekend and a good week. We will be back on Thursday in the late afternoon..
Be blessed and please pray for our safety.
Thank you all!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hello from Georgia!!!

Hello everyone!!!!
Well, we took our maiden voyage (trip) on the trike with the trailer behind it. We went to Kingsland Ga. and then into St. Augustine, FL. We had a Great time..we had soooooo much fun!! I cannot tell you in a few words how nice it was to ride on the trike with the open road ahead of you. We didn't get tired, nor did our backs hurt or anything! First we went into Kingsland, Ga. where we went to St. Siemens Island and toured that a while, stayed the night, and had a nice meal. Royce had a great steak and I had broiled salmon...Then we left around ten the next morning and an hour later we were in St. Augustine. We toured the city on the trolley trains, went thru Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum. We had lunch in a nice little bistro then finished touring more of the city. Went back to the hotel, rested then went to Barnacle Bills for excellent seafood. We walked around awhile, then back to the room for a good nights rest. By eight thirty the next morning we were back on the trolley train, did more sight seeing then had a late breakfast at another bistro in another part of town. We went thru the wax museum and then headed home...Again, we really enjoyed our self and saw so much in this the oldest city of the U.S. We plan on going back again and do more site seeing and see more of the city. It would take a good four days to do that..another time...........
Enjoy the few pictures I'm posting. A lot is of the wax museum.
Be blessed!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy November!!!!!!!!

Well, I thought I'd better get those Halloween pictures posted. We had a great time, had plenty of food. Royce kept everyone in stitches!! He's such a comedian!! Let me explain the costumes..
Garland was sort of a soldier type guy, Ina dressed in an Aunt Jemima outfit with head wrap included. Gerald and Betty dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gates incognito.. Cleveland and Ellen were the cabbage patch kids with patches all over their clothes...Royce was a hood from the 50's and I was an old bag lady! Although no one got a full picture of me.. Oh well!! Danny and Bennie didn't dress up as they came late..
Enjoy the pictures and be blessed!