Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Spring and almost Summer!!

Hello family and friends!!

Whew! It's been busy the last month. As I stated in my last blog my friend Patty from Centerburg, OH was coming to visit. Well, she's been here and left. Regretfully she had to return to her home in Oh. I really miss her!! WE had a great time. I so enjoyed having the company.
We took her to Savannah, and to Macon to see the sights. Savannah is always nice and there is so much history there to see. We basically shopped in Macon. It was just the way it all worked out.
We had a Spring Fling, an all day crop in the craft shack one Saturday. Everyone got a lot done and we had a great time. There was five of us in all. And the shack wasn't even crowded.
Patty and I had a lot of shack time in as she wanted me to teach her how to make cards. I showed her as much as I could with the time allowed. I feel like she learned a lot. Again, I just so enjoyed having someone to talk to have coffee with. Royce really misses her as well. She's a good house guest and really jumped in and helped out a lot here. We were both sad when she went home. But, they do say all good things have to come to an end..sad but true!
Tomorrow I start my volunteering. I will be at the nursing home for two days this week and then next week I will do some time with a Hospice group and the nursing home. I'm excited about starting this and I pray that I will be a blessing to the people I talk to and share time with. Again, I'm happy to be starting this new adventure. I will keep you all posted.
We don't have a lot of big plans for this summer, with the price of gas and all, I doubt that we will take any long trips. I'm thinking we may take a trike/bike ride to St. Augustine again. I'd like that a lot. There's so much to see there. We'll see how the price of gas goes and if we will be able to afford it.
Candace and I discussed a trip to Atlanta in July for a scrapbook expo. Again, it all depends on the price of gas. Isn't it ashame we have to wait to see if we can afford the price of gas for some entertainment? That just aggravates me, another subject for another time!!
We will be going to Atlanta for Chelsea's graduation Memorial Weekend! I can't believe that my first grand child is 18 and going to be graduating high school. Where in the world did the time go? Congrats go to Chelsea for a job well done!! Love you my special girl!!
Well, have a great and exciting summer all of you, I wish you the best.
Be blessed and sending loads of love!