Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pictures of Grandfather Clock

Thought you'd all enjoy R's handiwork. He is so talented. Who knows what he will tackle next. One thing for sure, he's not afraid of anything. He will try anything that he sees that he likes. The clock is absolutely beautiful and the chimes are very soothing. Enjoy!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Enjoy the pictures of the new tile and fridge....We finally figured out what we were doing wrong!!!

Happy Winter

Hello there. I've been told it's been a long time since I updated my blog.. Yes it has!!!! Thanks for the reminder, Patty!!!
I'm having technical difficulties loading the pictures. Something is blocking me from loading...R and are working on it.. so I will bring you up to date and load pictures of the new tile floor and refrigerator as soon as we get over this mountain!!!
What can I say, it's winter time and the cold weather has kept us in. It's either really cold or rainy and cold.
I've been working in my shack as much as possible. I've made card swap cards and the Valentine cards as well. Made some for Jennifer as well.
I wasn't in the shack at all last week due to getting very sick with my weird system, throwing up for 4 days and getting very dehydrated. I went to the Dr. on Thursday and they ran four containers of fluids through me as I was very dehydrated. He said he would give me the blue ribbon for the day. They gave me meds through the iv to stop the vomiting. Finally I calmed down. It's taken me until yesterday and today to feel like my old self. I'm better now and feel just dandy. Just pray this is the last time at all or at least for a long time to come.
Royce has been doing his own projects, he finally started his grandfather clock. It's almost done building wise anyway. It is beautiful!!! He has to put some places where the clock goes and then varnish and sand. Then put the works in it... Again, it is very stunning and beautiful. He does beautiful work and his talents really show through as he goes. HE built a really nice cupboard for his sister Ellen and she just loves it. She is so happy , she said she wouldn't take a million dollars for it. He's always doing something!!!
Tomorrow we go to Savannah to pick up our new glasses. We both new ones. I'm anxious to get them as mine are really scratched up.
We haven't made any travel plans for this year as yet, we have my Patty coming to visit in the Spring and we're really looking forward to that. There's is much we can do to entertain her and she likes to scrapbook and wants to learn to make greeting cards, so that will keep us very busy... We'll take her to Savannah to see the sights there and do other things as time progresses.
That's about all the news for now.. Again will post pictures as soon as we can get the problem fixed.
Be blessed everyone and take care!!!!!
Love to all!!!