Monday, August 16, 2010

Hello from Georgia!!!!

Sending greetings and hoping this finds you all well and happy and safe..We are fine here. It's still pretty hot, but at least has gone down to the lower nineties. We are finally getting some much needed rain.. It has been very dry.
Some news, Royce has been tilling the garden and in the next week we will plant what is called winter crops. We are just going to plant some peas, different types. They're are so many different types of peas here. For instance, butter peas, zipper peas, pink eyed peas, chrowder peas and etc. You get the picture...anyway we will be planting when the rain goes away for a bit.
Praise reports: Jeannette Lamb beat all odds and is home recovering. We definitely give God the glory on this report. And Eve White in CT. has gone through the worst of her chemo and had a lumpectomy and the lymph nodes are cancer free. She will take some more chemo and radiation but nothing like she's been going through..Another Give God the Glory!!!
We will be celebrating Royce's 65th birthday this weekend, Sat. We will have a cookout and all the kids are home and we are rejoicing in that. We'll have about 24 people altogether this Sat. I'm very excited.
Other than that, we are anxiously awaiting the fall. Everyone down here is very excited about the end of summer and looking forward to a change of season.
I'm already planning my Holiday cards, Christmas, Fall and some Halloween cards as well. Making plans for holidays as well. Haven't set any dates yet, but we will.
Well, take care dear friends and hope to hear from you soon!!
Love, prayers and blessings