Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring Updates

Well, I see it's been a while since I've been on here again!!  I'm glad one of my friends reminds me to update this thing.

Royce built a lighthouse for the yard.  It's very nice.  At night it comes on and blinks like a regular lighthouse does.  Hope the neighbors don't mind.  He has another big project in mind, but hasn't started it yet..He's going to build a big Ferris wheel.  It will have seats on it and all and will turn.  He'll put figurines on it according to the season...  I can't wait til he gets started.  It will be very large.  Not sure where it will be stored!!!

I just finished one project for a gift and have started another. I will post pictures when I can.  I have some pictures of the lighthouse and some other paper crafts I've done.. 

We've had the garden planted for a little over 3 weeks now.  It's doing well.  Have also planted the pots on the deck.  Lots of flowers and pretty colors there.  It's just splashes of color.  We put four miniature roses around the light house.  Also planted some day lilies down the side of the property where the side road is.  I bought a Clematis today to plant and a friend gave us a butterfly bush to plant.  We will put that by the lighthouse which is in front of the shack.  I can enjoy the flowers and the butterflies when I'm in the shack... You all know I love my butterflies...

We're doing fine, health wise.  Royce had a bad cold last week and I had a bad bout of vertigo.  I had to get steroids to help with that.  I hate taking them, but when you can't keep your balance, there's not much choice in the matter...

That's about all the news here for now..  Just trying to stay busy and keep our minds occupied.  I love my shack and really work hard out there with crafts and lots of paper to play with.

Be blessed everyone!!!

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